About us

The mission of the Alternative Muscle Science Institute, a private training institution in massage therapy located in Terrebonne, ISMA, is committed to developing the full professional and personal potential of each of its students.

That is why ISMA offers you three distinct and exceptional educational programs: massage therapist (405 hrs.), kinesitherapist (1,005 hrs.), orthotherapist (1,200 hrs.). In addition, several other professional training courses are also offered.

Our commitment to our students is reflected by the superior quality of our teachings, as a result of the various learning techniques unique to ISMA.

The institute offers a stimulating and motivating study environment aimed at achieving success and personal balance.

We want to ensure the development and well-being of our students, in an environment where the human dimension takes on its true meaning. This principle allows us to better understand each student and provide the best possible support and supervision.

Alternative Muscle Science Institute